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I was born on the cusp and am not sure of my sign.

When you enrolled for the 5 Star service you entered your time, date and place of birth, and your subscription has been set up with the correct sunsign. However, you may still be wondering whether the fact that you were born so near the cusp means that you are also influenced by another sign.  You have hit upon one of the great astrological debates - of which I belong to the school of thought that does not agree with this idea.  In fact, I am of the opinion that it originated only because the starting date of each sign can vary by up to 36 hours every year.  Because it was inconvenient for newspapers and magazines to list the precise date and time that the sun changed signs each year, they gave the approximate date and said that people born around that time were a mixture of both signs. 

If you would like an in-depth study of your personal horoscope to find out why you are not always typical of your Sun sign, details of my chart service can be found  here.  To check your sign, go to and from the left hand menu choose the option 'Check My Sign'.

I would like to learn a little more about my astrological chart.

You can order a Personal Profile from my website

 Do you do Personal readings?

The only option that I can offer is my personal computer horoscope service. You'll find all the necessary details for ordering one of my carefully prepared charts in the left hand column of under the heading "Order a personal horoscope chart". 

For details of a qualified astrologer who WILL be able to give you a personal reading and interpret your chart for you on an individual basis, go to   and select the Metalog Directory of Astrology or go to the Faculty of Astrological Studies web-site  and click on “about FAS” then “locate an astrologer” Alternatively, you can obtain an in-depth telephone consultation with a qualified astrologer by calling 0845 120 1416 or +44 207 436 9101from a service recently set up by the Astrological Association of Great Britain.

Are transcripts available for the audio forecasts?

Although some may find it easier to read my forecasts than listen to them, I find it much easier to talk about planetary activity than go to all the time, effort and trouble of writing it down!   In fact, it is precisely for this reason that the audio forecasts are by far my favourite method of communicating - along with the fact that it gives me a much greater opportunity to convey what I really want to say without the constraint of having to keep within a certain number of words!
Transcripts are therefore not available for the audio forecasts.  The nearest alternative I can offer are the year ahead guides (based on your exact time, date and place of birth) which form part of my personal horoscope service.  If you have a valid 5 Star subscription, you will receive a considerable discount on the cost of these charts by using the link on your account homepage to order.

Sometimes when I'm listening to the forecasts I think I have heard them before.

From time to time, on this site, or in a horoscope reading directly supplied from this site, I may say something that you feel you recognise from a previous prediction.
Mostly, this happens because planetary patterns often repeat, at different times for different signs or for different people. Stock phrases tend to spring to my mind whenever particular astrological situations crop up. I make every effort to express myself in new ways but I can’t always guarantee that I won’t end up saying much the same thing that I said the last time.
It is also possible that a repetition may be deliberate. The spoken moon sign forecasts, for example, are quite consciously created from a carefully managed audio library of previous predictions. I’d love to be able to produce each personal reading without the aid of a library or even a computer. Ideally, I’d use a quill pen, I’d write on parchment...and I wouldn’t even email the document or stream the audio.. I’d borrow one of Harry Potter’s owls and have it flown to you! And if it was to be a spoken reading, I’d come round in person, sit on your sofa and chat. This would though, severely limit the number of readings I could ever give. My only other option would be to recruit a team of ‘ambassador astrologers’ each one fully trained to read a chart in the same way that I do. Long ago, I tried out such a system. But I just couldn’t feel confident that those other astrologers, good though they were, were going to say whatever I would say.
In the end, that “library of previous predictions” became the only viable way to supply as many people as possible with as much of my own insight as they wished for. The methods and systems by which I draw on that library are always exclusively under my own strict, personal supervision.     Occasionally I use that library for another purpose. Once in a while, if I become ill or indisposed, I draw on the library to create daily, weekly or monthly predictions for each sign. I never do this more than I have to... and I always select the readings with great care to make sure that their astrological accuracy is entirely appropriate.

Have you written any books?

Published summer 2006 is Cosmic Ordering

Also my Guide to the Zodiac - out of print but second hand copies are often available via  independent retailers or sites such as Ebay and Amazon.

 I would like to learn more about astrology.  Can you recommend any books or courses?

To begin with,  if you wish to only ever purchase one book on the subject of astrology , this is the one that I would recommend you buy, read and treasure - “The Sleepwalkers” by Arthur Koestler. I also suggest the following reading list:

Reference books “Book of World Horoscopes” by Nick Campion “The Revised Waites Compendium of Natal Astrology” Alan Candlish “The Round Art” by A T Mann Beginners “Sun Sign, Moon Sign” by Charles & Suzi Harvey “Principles of Astrology” by Charles & Suzi Harvey “Astrology” by Ron Davison “Parker’s Astrology” by Derek & Julia Parker “The Practical Astrologer” by Nick Campion “Jonathan Cainer’s Guide to the Zodiac” by Jonathan Cainer Next steps “Complete Astrology” by Alan Oken Psychological Astrology “Saturn” by Liz Greene “Relating” by Liz Greene Techniques “Working with Astrology” Mike Harding & Charles Harvey Synastry How to Handle your Human Relations” by Lois Haines Sargent “Relationships and Life Cycles” by Stephen Arroyo. 

On the other hand, if you’d rather learn about astrology with a bit of help, you’ll find details of all their correspondence courses by visiting the Faculty of Astrological Studies web-site at the following address -

I would love to write to you – is this possible?

Of course.  Any and all feedback is appreciated, although it is not always possible for me to reply personally because of the volume of correspondence received.  Please use the feedback button on your account homepage to send me your comments.