Changing Personal Details

How can I update my email address?
How can I change my username?
How can I change my address details?

For contact details, birth date and password changes:

Click HERE. You will see your email address (which is also your username), address and birth details which we have on record for you and options to edit these details or update your password.  When changing details, be sure to fill fields marked with an asterisk.  If you update your email address, remember that your new email address will also become your username.  Don't forget to update your details with Worldpay too (see below)

How can I update my payment card details?

Sign in to the Worldpay Shopper Management System at:

You can also do this from your Jonathan Cainer Account Homepage by clicking on My Account and then clicking on the link to change your Worldpay details. 

Once logged in at Worldpay, click on the Futurepay ID number in blue.

Click on the Change Payment Details option.
Enter/change the required details.
Check the details carefully, then click the Submit button.

 **IMPORTANT** - Return to your 5 Star account Homepage.  If your account has been suspended, you will need to click on 'Subscribe to the 5 Star Service', then on 'Retry Payment' in order to reactivate your forecasts - a payment will be collected immediately. I

If the card change doesn't result in a successful payment, Worldpay advises that the agreement should be cancelled and a new one created - email if you would lik us to check for you.


Changing your payment details at PayPal

Log in to PayPal
Click Wallet near the top of the page.
Go to My PayPal
Select Link a Card or Link a bank

Follow the on-screen instructions for whichever option you select.

Once your new account or card is successfully registered you can set them as your preferred payment method from the wallet page.
You can also set a different payment method for paying us by viewing a recent recurring payment transaction, choosing 'Manage Reality Marketing payments' and then changing the funding source by clicking on the little pencil next to the current funding source.


How can I stop the email reminders you send to me?
To stop the emails which are sent out each time the audio forecasts are updated, go to My Account/My Details/Edit your details and then uncheck the box next to 'send me email updates'.


Your system cannot find my birth town.
 If you are having trouble finding your place of birth, please try entering only the first three letters of the place of birth and be aware that the atlas is sensitive to accents on letters.  For  Québec, for instance, try entering only Qu in the place of birth before selecting Canada from the drop down list and clicking on continue.  If the place where you were born is very small, try entering the name of a nearby town.  If you were born in the United States, please be sure to choose United States from the drop down country list, then choose the State of birth from the next drop down list - don't add the State to the place of birth line.   If you get stuck, use the button to send a form with your details for further help.  We will enter your details for you and send a confirmation by email.

I don’t know my exact time of birth

Most people do not know their exact time of birth. In England it is not written on the birth certificate. Parents can be notoriously vague when asked to recall an event that took place so many years ago. Even in Scotland or other parts of the world, where the information is recorded, it may be slightly inaccurate.

For this reason Oscar, and Jonathan before him, concentrate more on factors relating to the date and year of birth. Your forecasts will still be 90% accurate if you do not know your time of birth.  Jonathan also elects to use Sunrise on the day you were born - chiefly because more babies are born around that time of day than any other.  If you have a vague idea of your time of birth, it would be better to use that than Sunrise. However, it still means that your birth chart may not be 100% accurate.