How much will I be charged and when?

When you are signed in to your 5 StarAccount you can click on My Account to check your account history and status.  Payments you have made will be listed under ‘Account History’ - a successful payment is indicated with a green tick, a failed payment with a red cross.  Future payments and the date that they become due will be found under ‘Account Status’.

How can I stop any future subscription payments being made?
Sign in to your 5 Star Account.  You can click on cancel from the Home page or My Account home page.  You can also use the unsubscribe option from ‘My Account/Manage Services’.

If you cannot sign in to your account, please write to streaming@cainer.com with your name and address, email address you used to create your  account and the Worldpay Futurepay Agreement ID number.

I signed up for a free trial but now I notice that you are charging my card.

When your free trial period comes to an end we will automatically collect your monthly subscription from you if you have not cancelled during the free trial. To cancel future payments, sign in to your 5 Star Account and choose the cancel option from your Home Page, or My Account/Manage Services pages.

How can I tell what discount I will get?
When you have a valid 5 Star subscription, you will be offered various discounts off the purchase price of extras such as I Ching tokens, Tarot readings, Love Sign readings and Chart purchases.  To check the purchase price of any item, and to keep an eye on short term offers, please use the links on the home page of your 5 Star account.  Many of these offers are not availabe to listeners who are on a free trial and none of them are available to those who have never had a subscription or whose subscription has expired.