Personal Forecasts

What is the personal forecast (also referred to as the 'moonsign forecast')?

 The audio personal forecast is based on the house the moon was in at the time of your birth.  Jonathan considers that the moon influences the more personal aspects of your life.  In order for Jonathan to calculate your correct moonsign you will need to submit details of your exact time and place of birth, which you will have done when you set up your account.

 How do I change the birth details you have on record for me?

 To check that we have the correct details go to your account Home Page, click on My Account and then My Details.  You will see your email address (which is also your username), address and birth details which we have on record for you and options to edit these details or update your password.  You can only alter your birthdate up to 3 times.  If you are having trouble finding your place of birth, please try entering only the first three letters of the place of birth and be aware that the atlas is sensitive to accents on letters.  For Québec, for instance, try entering only Qu in the place of birth before selecting Canada from the drop down list and clicking on continue.

When is the Personal Forecast updated?

Roughly every fortnight, around the time of the new and full moon.  You should receive an update notification email if you chose that option when subscribing.

I have ordered an extra sun sign for my 5 Star subscription but there is no option to listen to the Personal Forecast for this person.

The personal forecasts are intended to be personal and so the option to listen to additional signs is not included in your subscription.

I have entered my birth details to set up my personal forecast but it has given me a moon in the wrong sign.

Be sure to enter your time of birth in local time as the calculator will automatically adjust this to GMT (the adjusted time may even change your date of birth). Check that you have correctly entered your birth date!  If you know your time of birth, be sure that the ‘don’t know time of birth’ box is not checked.

Be sure not to confuse your moon sign with your rising sign or ‘ascendant’ – they are different things.

If you continue to have problems, email with your time and place of birth.