5 Star Service

How often will I be charged for this service and how much will it cost?

Sign in to your 5 Star Account and from the Home Page click on My Account/Account Status.  You will see your monthly subscription rate displayed in the currency you chose to pay in as well as the next invoice date.  Please be aware that subscription payments begin to be collected from 0.01am London time (GMT) so if you are in the United States the actual debiting of your account may take place in the afternoon of the day before.

How can I cancel the agreement to pay you monthly?

Sign in to your 5 Star Account. You can click on cancel from the Home page or My Account home page. You can also use the unsubscribe option from ‘My Account/Manage Services’.

If you cannot sign in to your account, please write to streaming@cainer.com with your name and address, the email address you used to create your account and the Worldpay or Paypal Agreement ID number (if you have them).  You will then receive a confirmation of the cancellation request by email.

How can I order forecasts for an extra Sun-sign?

Sign in to your 5 Star  Account. You can either go to your forecasts page and click on the option to add another sign to the subscription or go to My Account/Manage Services and choose the option to add another sign.  You will need to make an immediate payment based on the proportion of the monthly subscription rate for the extra sign and the time left to your next invoice date.   If your Futurepay agreement is active, you will not need to re-submit your card details, the money will automatically be collected from your card when you accept the new charges.

How do I listen to the extra sign I have ordered?

To choose which of your subscribed signs you want to listen to, first go to your audio forecasts page.  You will see that the sunsign name of the forecast is in a  box.  On the right edge of the box is a little triangle - this is in fact an arrow.  Click on the arrow to open the 'drop-down' menu -select from the list the forecast you wish to play, then click to start the recording.

How do I cancel the extra sign I ordered?

Sign in to your 5 Star  Account.  Go to My Account/Manage Services and click on unsubscribe.  The service and any extras will remain active until your next billing date and your next subscription amount will be lowered to reflect your changes.

I would like to renew my subscription – how do I do this?

Sign in to your 5 Star Account and click on the link  "To subscribe to the 5 Star audio forecasts, click here."

If you are invited to retry a payment, click on the retry button.  If the payment is still unsuccessful, use the link on that page to cancel your payment agreement so that you can follow the instructions below to create a new agreement.

Select your preferred subscription option (monthly, 6 or 12 months) and click on 'next'

Select your preferred payment method - Paypal or Worldpay.

For PayPal: Login to your PayPal account, or create a new account if you do not already have one and follow the instructions to make a payment.

OR - For card payments via Worldpay:  Complete the Card Details and Cardholder Details sections and click on 'Submit'. IMPORTANT!: You should not try to log in at Worldpay - please ignore the 'FuturePay Administration' section.

Details of future subscription amounts and cancellation information will be available under 'My Account/Account Status’ once you are signed in to your account.

When are the forecasts updated?

The weekly forecasts are updated every Friday. The personal forecasts are updated around the time of the new moon and the full moon.  You will receive an email notification from us if you chose this option on sign-up – you may need to set your spam filter to accept mail from noreply@cainer.com if you find you are not getting these emails.

How much will I be charged each time I listen to my forecast?

We know that you like listening over and over again to your forecasts or that occasionally network problems mean that the download does not work first time.  Therefore YOU CAN LISTEN AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE TO YOUR FORECASTS SO LONG AS YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS ACTIVE.  Your subscription rate is fixed - the only extra charge may be from your internet service provider for time spent online, depending on your agreement with them.

How can I listen to a forecast from a previous week?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide an archive service for the audio readings and hope you are not too disappointed.

The forecasts used for this service are only in audio format, available online from our secure servers to all followers with an active membership. We will send you an email notification with a link to the sign-in page each time a new forecast is uploaded. You can also choose to have an email with the written daily forecast sent directly to your inbox. 

I was away and missed some of my forecasts.  Can I get a refund?

Well, sorry but no.  We do not monitor how many times you listen to your forecast so cannot offer a refund in these circumstances.  However – did you know that you can sign in from device with an internet connection and audio capabilities?  Just go to www.cainer.com and enter your email address and password in the mini-form in the right hand corner of the homepage.

My update email did not arrive, how do I get my forecast?

You do not need to receive the update email to collect your forecast.  Simply sign in to your account https://5star.cainer.com/account/home.aspx (linked from the left hand menu of www.cainer.com or www.cainer.com ) and click on listen to your forecasts.

Once signed in, you can check that you have chosen to receive the update emails by going to My Account/Details/Edit and make sure that the Send Me Email Updates box is checked.  If the update still fails to arrive, add streaming@cainer.com and streamupdate@cainer.com  to your address book or check your bulk email folder.

I don’t really want to receive the update emails as I know where to find the forecasts.

No problem.  Just sign-in to your account and go to My Account/Details/Edit and make sure that the Send Me Email Updates box is unchecked.