I only wanted a Tarot reading but now I have a 5 Star Account – I don’t want a subscription.

To order a Tarot reading you must create an account so that we can contact you with your purchase confirmation details and also so that you can listen to your Tarot reading again in the future.  The Tarot is a one-off purchase and as long as you did not also accept the free trial of the 5 Star Service audio subscription, you will not incur further charges.  You can, however, take up the offer of a free trial of the 5 Star Service in the future by using the link on your account home page.  To check the status of your account, sign in and click on My Account/Account Status.

I ordered a Tarot reading but couldn’t hear the answer.

It is possible that updating your browser will help.  We recommend the free browser Firefox, available from http://www.mozilla.com/products/ - click on the Firefox logo to go to the download page. 

Sign in to your account in Firefox and then proceed as usual.

If these upgrades don't help please check your audio settings:

Make sure your speakers are plugged in and the volume turned up.

On Windows: Start/Programs/Accessories/Entertainment/Volume Control and make sure WAV and Master volume sliders are turned up as far as they can go and the mute boxes are all unchecked.

You must also be online.  Depending on the speed of your connection, the reading may take a few minutes to load before playbackIf the reading is stopping and starting,  try pausing the reading as soon as it begins to allow it to download a bit more before it attempts to play. This will help if you are having buffering problems because of a slow connection with heavy internet traffic.


I ordered a Tarot reading and received payment confirmation from Worldpay but have yet to receive my reading. 

It may take a few minutes for your payment confirmation to reach us and then you should be automatically returned to your Jonathan Cainer account to start your reading.  If this does not happen, go back to your  account home page  (sign in at: https://5star.cainer.com/account/login.aspx) 

To sign in you use your email address and the password you chose when registering.

From the Home Page click on 'Listen to Your Tarot Readings' and on the next page click on the appropriate internet connection option to ask your question.  The reading should then start automatically; try clicking on the forward arrow if this does not happen.

If the reading is still not there, try signing out of your account and closing all your browser windows.  Restart your browser, sign in to your account and follow the instructions above.  If the reading still does not appear, email streaming@cainer.com, copying and pasting your transaction confirmation from Worldpay into your message.


The Tarot gave me a reading that had nothing to do with my question! 

 Even if you were not aware of it, there were likely to be several key issues in your mind when the cards were dealt which can make it hard to see how the reading fits in.  Somewhere in one of those three cards is an image or an idea that you need to seize and develop to help you understand your best course of action.  You should listen again and again until you hear the hint - you have definitely got the reading you needed to hear you just haven't picked up on the relevancy yet.

To listen again, sign in at: https://5star.cainer.com/account/login.aspx 

From the Home Page click on 'Listen to Your Tarot Readings' and from the next page, to the right of your question, click on the appropriate connection speed to launch the reading. Up to three previous readings can be stored in your account.


I can see the Page of Cups, but the reading refers to the Princess of Cups.  Is there a mistake in the reading?
There is no definitive version of the tarot and some tarot cards have different names in different decks. One example of this is the Princess, which can also be called the Page or even the Valet, and another example is the Coins, which are also referred to as Discs and sometimes as Pentacles.  They are the same cards, and carry the same meanings, so your reading from Jonathan is correct.


I would like to listen to my Tarot reading again – is this possible? 

Sign in to your account at https://5star.cainer.com/account/login.aspx

From the Home Page click on Listen to Your Tarot Readings.  On the next page, you will see your question – click on the appropriate internet connection to the right of the question.  Up to three previous readings will be available for you to listen to again.


I have ordered a Tarot reading and can hear the introduction but the reading does not begin 

 Firstly, try clicking on ‘skip intro’ so that you can ask your question.  If this does not start the reading, please sign-out of your account, close all your browser Windows, then restart your browser and sign back in at https://5star.cainer.com/account/login.aspx 

From the Home Page, click on 'Listen to Your Tarot Readings' and from the next page click on the appropriate internet connection to the right of the question you want answered, or in the middle of the page if you have paid for a new reading and want to ask a new question.  A new window will open and the cards will be dealt straight away - you will hear a voice naming the card before Jonathan starts speaking.  If you hear nothing, please check the volume controls by going to Start/Programmes/Accessories/Entertainment/Volume Control and make sure all the mute boxes are unchecked and the sliders are all at the top.  

I have tried all your suggestions and still cannot get a Tarot reading

To help us, please describe in an email to streaming@cainer.com exactly when the problem arises and how your computer behaves.  


Which Tarot Decks are used for your readings?

The Dali and Rider Tarot Decks have been used, as well  as original images created by Elaine Savage.  Elaine also acted as Jonathan's consultant and advisor for his online Tarot system.